why Mora?

10 Reasons to become a Mora Iced Creamery franchisee

1. Be part of the reinvention of the ice cream experience

Mora is elevating the ice cream shop experience in America. For the innovative entrepreneur, this is a rare opportunity to take part in an industry transformation.

2. Offer a truly extraordinary product 

Mora uses real ingredients, prepared with a combination of traditional slow food technique and modern efficiencies. No flavorings or powders. The result is unforgettable flavor that has garnered national attention.

3. Operational Ease

All ice creams and sorbets are made inside Mora’s new Pacific Northwest factory and the finished product is delivered to your shops with minimal preparation required.

4. Powerful Branding

Every customer touchpoint, from our cups to our marketing materials, is designed to be unmistakably Mora.

5. Shops for Every Size

Whether it be a full size shop or a smaller non-traditional location, we have a variety of plans perfect for large area development.

6. Your Shops…Delivered

The elements that make up that charming Mora shop atmosphere are consistent from store to store with pre-built components that come custom fitted and ready to install.

7. Devoted Customers

With 50 extraordinary flavors to choose from and generous samples and portions, Mora provides an affordable indulgence that keeps guests coming back for more.

8. Dedicated Franchising Staff

The integrity and respect upon which Mora is built extends to our franchisees, whom we view as valued members of our family.

9. Comprehensive Technology

Franchisees benefit from a powerful POS system with sales, scheduling, inventory and a wide range of reports to analyze all operations.

10. Complete Traceability

The software at Mora’s factory allows us to track every single ingredient in every product at any given point for dependable safety.

Who is the ideal Mora Iced Creamery franchisee?

• A multi-unit owner with a record of successful business development and operation

• Holds adequate capital or has access to necessary financing

• Ability and desire to enter and develop new markets throughout the United States

• Possesses strong leadership qualities and ability to adapt to the Mora system

• An appreciation for and commitment to upholding the Mora brand

• Commitment to the Mora values of excellence, integrity, responsibility, respect, transparency and community