In 2002, Jerry Perez, Ana Orselli and their two young daughters packed up 13 suitcases and moved from Buenos Aires, Argentina to the state of Washington. Along with those suitcases they brought with them a profound admiration for their new country and a great vision of what they could give to America. Years later, that vision came to life and the first Mora was opened. Their goal was clear: To make the ice cream experience in America a “before and after Mora”. In the beginning, Ana and Jerry had the same title – Chief of Everything. They had to wear all the hats, from scooping and serving to making the ice cream and balancing the books. It was not easy, but proved incredibly beneficial as there is no task at Mora that they themselves did not perform and improve.


Jerry Perez is the CEO of Mora Iced Creamery. He holds an MBA from Austral University and has been in the food industry for 30 years. Jerry’s business acumen and industry knowledge are what gave him the right frame of mind to see America’s readiness for the Mora revolution when he first moved to the United States.

Jerry brings to the Mora family the integrity and attention to detail for which Mora is famous. The long tenure of the staff of Mora is thanks in large part to Jerry’s fairness, honesty and humility in business and life. He is often quoted as saying about one of Mora’s delicious flavors, “We just let the lemons do what lemons do.” It is with this same philosophy that he guides Mora – finding great people and giving them the opportunity to perform at their best – a philosophy that has served Mora well.

Ana Orselli is the Chief Brand Officer of Mora Iced Creamery. She holds a degree in Fine Arts and studied Executive Coaching with Jim Selman, who is internationally renowned as a pioneer of the discipline. This background in aesthetics and business has given Ana an advantageous approach to corporate branding and is the reason Mora’s brand experience is so unique. 

Ana brings to Mora a keen understanding of our customer and a tireless dedication to the improvement of that customer’s experience at Mora. Her aptitude for design and systems thinking gives her the ability to discern the long-term effects of decisions and has routinely guided Mora down the best path. Ana’s belief is that the whole is only as good as the sum of its parts, which is why quality is something on which she never compromises.


Willy Intorno is Mora Iced Creamery’s Food Specialist. With 30 years of dairy experience, Willy’s expertise in food science, recipe development and product marketing has been key to creating Mora’s distinctive flavors. Willy’s career has spanned three continents, from South America to the Middle East to North America, giving Mora a truly world class approach to their product and the business plan.

Willy has a deep respect for the incredible flavor that comes from slow food techniques and philosophies. He also has a vast knowledge of food science and modern developments that have increased efficiencies. Willy’s recipes combine this respect for the old and benefits of the new, the results of which have made Mora legendary.