From Interest to Opening: A Step-by-Step Preview

1. Review Information

Start by reviewing the franchise information on our website. Many of your questions can be answered by visiting each page of our site.

2. Tell us who you are and how to contact you

Submit a preliminary information request form and a member of our franchise development team will call you to discuss our franchise opportunity, the specifics of the territory you are interested in and the scope of development you are considering.


After speaking with you and approving your initial qualifications, we will send you a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The FDD defines the relationship between the Franchisor (Mora Iced Creamery) and the Franchisee (you). The FDD also includes the details of the franchise agreement you will sign to become a Mora Iced Creamery franchisee.

4. Due diligence

Perform your due diligence by reviewing the FDD and make note of any topics you would like to discuss such as the territory you wish to develop, estimated startup costs, and the skills you possess to help grow the Mora Iced Creamery brand in your market.

5. FDD review

We will schedule a phone call with you to review the FDD together and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about Mora, the FDD, or the franchise agreement. If you have an attorney review the documents, or have specific legal questions, please email those questions to us prior to the call so that we have the opportunity to answer them for you in advance.


After reviewing the FDD, if both you and Mora wish to proceed, we will send you a Franchise Application. This form tells us that you are serious about this opportunity and also provides us with a better understanding of your financial and managerial capabilities. Submitting an application does not commit you in any way and is not to be considered as an extension of an offer to award you a franchise.

7. Application Review

We will review your completed Franchise Application for final evaluation.

8. Discovery Day

After reviewing the FDD and franchise agreement, if both you and Mora wish to proceed, your next step will be to attend one of our Discovery Day events, where you will meet the owners of Mora and our franchising team at our corporate headquarters in Poulsbo, Washington. You will also tour local Mora Iced Creamery shops, and enjoy sampling our delicious ice creams and sorbets.

9. Sign a franchise agreement

The final step is to execute a franchise agreement and then officially welcome you to the Mora team!

10. Secure your location

Working with a local real estate broker, we will assist you with evaluating prospective sites in your desired development territory. Final approval of your site will be made by both you and Mora before proceeding to lease negotiation.

11. Complete the design and layout of your shop

An architect approved by Mora will assist you with designing the floorplan layout of your shop. Final approval will be made by both you and Mora before proceeding.

12. Build out your shop

Once a contractor is approved by both you and Mora, permitting and construction of your site will begin. We will be in contact with the contractor throughout the construction process and will review updates of the build-out progress with you.

13. Corporate Training

Prior to opening your first Mora Iced Creamery shop, you will participate in training at our corporate facility in Poulsbo, Washington. We will ask you to bring your general manager and one other key team member so that you can have a solid team foundation.

14. On Site Training

The week prior to your shop opening, a Training Manager from Mora will travel to your shop to assist with training your employees and also to ensure that all required objectives are completed prior to opening the shop to customers. Our trainer will stay with you until your shop is open and operating up to Mora’s standards.

15. Open!

You are now officially open and will begin delighting your customers with Mora’s extraordinary ice creams, sorbets, shakes, and other unforgettable delights. We think of this as serving happiness!