5 Extra-Fun Food Field Trips from Seattle

Thank you to the Seattle Times for including Mora Iced Creamery among the 5 Extra-Fun Food Field Trips From Seattle. While we admit to being a bit biased, we have to agree that our ice creams and sorbets are definitely worth the trip! We are now making the opportunity for devoted fans to enjoy our extraordinary ice creams possible in other states, as our franchise opportunity is available in select markets in the U.S. Below are the comments about Mora in the news article.

Mora Iced Creamery

The stellar ice cream here, made with exquisite care, has been praised by Food & Wine and many, many more, and they really, truly want you to taste as many flavors as you like before choosing. Bonus: The Bainbridge and Kingston branches are just a summer’s-day stroll from a ferry dock.

Below, Jennifer McAbee holds a cone of what might be the world’s prettiest and tastiest raspberry sorbet at Mora Iced Creamery on Bainbridge Island. (Greg Gilbert/The Seattle Times)

Bainbridge Island, Kingston and Poulsbo, www.moraicecream.com