Mora Iced Creamery Launches Franchising Program


After 10 years of fielding requests from loyal customers, Mora Iced Creamery founders, Ana Orselli and Jerry Perez, have finally decided to share their artisanal ice cream making magic nationwide.

The groundwork leading up to this announcement began back in 2005, with the opening of the first Mora Iced Creamery location in the Pacific Northwest Locals and tourists couldn’t get enough of the artisanal, small-batch ice cream with over 70 sophisticated yet purely simple flavors of ice creams and sorbets. Before long there were three Mora Iced Creameries in the greater Seattle area. And, word continued to get out about this amazing ice cream. Stellar reviews in national magazines followed as did praise from tastemaker names like Zagat and Martha Stewart.

In addition to the devoted fans who frequent our shops, it wasn’t long before enthusiasts in all 50 states began requesting dry ice-packed, retail shipments of the ice cream. Mora was happy to oblige, building a new, state-of-the-art factory to accommodate the growing demand for our products. This was the impetus that convinced Orselli and Perez to begin franchising their brand.

“We were inspired to produce ice cream the way our grandmothers did … by hand, and with love. We're still producing the same high quality artisanal ice cream, but we're just able to do more of those batches each day. In fact, the new factory affords us immediate production capacity of a million gallons of ice cream—albeit in small batches. We do this while maintaining our unblemished record of following strict safety standards both in our production facility and in our shops.  We are committed to doing things slowly and carefully to ensure product and employee safety at all times.”

“Before launching our franchising program, we wanted to be certain that everything was in place to ensure that shops in Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, or Honolulu were selling the same quality ice cream that we serve here at our own shops. Our franchising program is now in place to create a whole new wave of devoted fans of Mora Iced Creamery.” Perez and Orselli add.

At Mora, tasting is believing. And soon fans and franchise investors alike will have that chance.  Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and