How Much Does It Cost To Open A Mora Iced Creamery Franchise?

Mora is seeking Area Developers with the passion and resources to develop a territory of at least three Mora Iced Creamery shops, with an almost unlimited opportunity to build a much larger territory.

Mora’s Area Developer program has a scaled franchise fee structure. The franchise fee for the first shop is $20,000, with reduced fees for larger development territories. Royalties collected are 5% of weekly gross revenue, and the National Marketing and Brand Development Fee is 1% of weekly gross revenue.

For a single full-sized shop, you should be capable of investing or securing financing for an estimated range of $94,500 and $435,850 per shop, depending on the market where you wish to be located and the extent of leasehold improvements needed at your site. This includes an estimate of your rent for the first three months and operating capital for a minimum of three to six months.  Once you have a full-size shop operating successfully, opportunities may exist for non-traditional locations, such as a walk-up counter and seasonal locations. These will be considered on a case by case basis, and may be available at differing costs depending on each specific location.